Academic Coaching for Postgraduate Students 

Academic life can present us with many challenges, and without the right tools, can impede our progress 

We coach individuals to help unlock their potential and provide them with the academic and personal skills they need to achieve their academic goals

Academic Success 

 Highly qualified and caring professionals

At Academic Masterclasses, we believe that everyone can achieve their goals with the right tools and the right mindset.  

We provide coaching in personal and academic development, and training in developing the skills needed to produce work of a high standard in writing, research, presentations and interviews/ Vivas. 

We will support you at every step of your journey, providing feedback and showing you how to be successful in achieving your goals. 

When you feel confident, success soon follows... 


Our founders

Professionals trained to the highest standard 

Fiona S.C. Wilson SFHEA MA BA Hons (ILM Member Institute Leadership & Management IP)

I am a Senior Lecturer, Coach and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (SFHEA). Over 23 years, I have taught in some of the UK’s best Russell Group universities where I have written and directed large and pioneering educational programmes. I am also an Educational Consultant for the British Council, and an External Examiner for the University of Nottingham. My research focuses on improving teaching and learning methods in order to facilitate students’ success.

I am an active linguist and have published and presented my research on overcoming issues in Academic Writing and Second Language Learning at universities in the UK, Europe and Japan.  Our current research, Thriving in Isolation: Facilitating Doctoral Candidates’ Confidence and Writing Success, is published this year. I also lecture in Japanese, German and Spanish, and  speak French and Dutch. I have trained staff and students from 89 different countries.


Globally-renowned academics

World class researchers 

Dr. Magda A. Williams SFHEA

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Academy (FHEA) and a PhD candidate in the field of English Linguistics and Academic Writing with over 10 years of experience in teaching and lecturing in higher education. I specialise in supporting PhD candidates with their dissertation writing. I have run lectures, seminars, training sessions and one-to-one tutorials for early researchers in the UK, Poland, Germany and Vietnam. I am also an active linguist, delivering conference presentations in many European countries and South Africa. My research focuses on academicwriting in dissertations, supporting doctoral students in higher education. 

Testimonials: How our students feel

We create the right course for you

Franziska, 14th March, 2022

During my time as a Ph.D. student, I experienced the "Ph.D. slump" that many do. I felt lost and unhappy with my Ph.D. and doubted a future career in academia. I turned to Fiona who was great at non-judgemental listening and helping me sort through my thoughts in a structured way. She helped me feel less alone, more empowered and her experience allowed her to put my experience into contact. It was her guidance that allowed me to forward and implement some concrete changes; like setting myself up for a better work-life balance as well as helping me reach out to university support services. I recommend her counselling to anyone.


Meghan. Master's degree student. September, 2020

"I lost my job in April, 2020, where I had worked for 15 years. I realised that I was going to have to re-train and go back to Uni. Things were quite different to university in 1999, and I was scared. I needed help with how to select relevant sources, then synthesise and reference them correctly. I felt better and more confident after one session. Now I am having weekly sessions to guide my progress with my essay" 




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